The Street: Blooming flowers!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Blooming flowers!

    Incet, incet, primavara se intoarce iar. Pentru foarte multe tufe si copaci e putin cam tarziu pentru ca zilele trecute, mugurii si florile au inghetat. Noroc ca, in curand, milioane de flori o sa infloreasca si o sa uitam complet de aceste cateva zile care au trecut si au pus totul cu cateva saptamani inapoi.

    Sper ca ati avut un weekend la fel de placut ca al meu!

Nu uitati de GIVEAWAY si de BLOG SALE!

Va doresc o saptamana minunata!

I was wearing Zara skirt, shirt and coat, Musette bag and custom made shoes!

English summary:

    These last few days put us two weeks behind (speaking from the nature's point of view)! Everything is frozen! The trees, the flowers, the birds... It's like winter again. Not for long, I hope!
    Even if I went for coffee and a walk with my friends dressed like this, believe me when I tell you it was freezing here in Timisoara!

    I wish all to have a great week! Come visit soon!

Don't forget about the GIVEAWAY!    


  1. Lovely outfit! And the last picture it's amazing!! It looks like an old movie still!
    Kisses Deea,

    1. Thank you. As my photographer said, is something about the light, something about the angle the sun light reflects on something... Is physics!

  2. O tinuta impecabila<3 Esti superba si vreau sa stii ca am pus ochii pe geanta ta:))

  3. Oh, tell me about the weather.. cold..and awful!
    I love the shirt, at least that reminds me that Spring will come eventually.
    Great outfit! :D

  4. I really like your blog dear! You have a great eye for style!
    Keep up with the great work :)


  5. cute look. xoxo

  6. i love your coat and heels! you look gorgeous! xx

    Letters To Juliet

  7. Superbe poze! Si imi place la nebunie tinuta!

  8. imi place la nebunie atat camasa cat si fusta

  9. gorgeous look,love your blouse


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