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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Shhh baby, don't cry...

[EN] The most powerful feeling is love, but we are not going to discuss about this today. We are going to discuss about the most self destructive feeling, the lost of hope. The way   you feel when you have lost your hope. It can damage you for good  if you are weak.

     My personal opinion is that you lose hope when you lose your willing to carry on, to live. If you are waiting for tomorrow to come you sure will think of something to make things better for you and to search for hope. And if you find yourself hopeless, just wait for better days... don't get desperate, don't get depressed... things will ALWAYS get better, and worst after that.

     Go take a long hot bath and go to sleep. You'll wake up tomorrow or next year feeling better!

P.S. Cizmele sunt de vanzare AICI!

I was wearing Mango sweater, Amisu shorts and Forever 21 boots!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve!

[EN]   Finally, is time for presents! Well I mean is time for us to be good with the one's around us, to kids and dogs, be more indulgent to the ones who do us wrong... and all the sh*& you're suppose to do this time of year and spend the rest of it being you, selfish, self centered, mischievous, superficial and all the rest that characterizers the most of you...

    Hmmm, what's wrong whit  me. It's Christmas Eve. I am supposed to be kind, sweet and nice but instead I feel this need to be sarcastic. But in a good way. Santa knows I am not a bad girl (only look like one for some of you). Actually this year I was very good, I've done a lot of good things (especially for me :) ), and to be hones I don't need anyone's validation for my deeds.

     So, the simple way to be sure you are a good person all you have to do is go with your hart. Is nothing worst that to broke your on heart. As long as you are happy, everyone around you will be!

Merry Christmas everyone! I wish you all the best and see you next time with stories about this Christmas! 

Thank you KK Photography for all the hard work you put up this year!

I was wearing Zara skirt and knitwear, custom made booties, and random cape.


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lying makes me happy

[EN]  I've asked somebody the other day what makes him happy and he told me the truth makes him happy. I wasn't expecting that answer, but that made me realize that the only times that I was happy was when I was lying to somebody...

      To be honest I don't like facing the consequences of my actions because by doing something that I really want I end up disappointing or hurting someone close   (remember the time that you were a teenager and you really, really want to go to the disco but your parents won't allow you to? Well, instead of obeying I was pretending to go to bed and after a few hours i was climbing down my bedroom window to go out and meet my friends ).

     I always thought if you can spare someone of rage, jealousy, disappointment and other similar feelings and still be able to do whatever makes you happy, just do it. This is not called "lying" it is called "protecting".

    From another point of view I think that if you are a sincere person and you speak your mind every time, you are very selfish , expecting people to deal with your mistakes, problems, worries. I always try to protect the people I care about by don't letting know about my problems .

I was wearing Zara coat and pants, random necksweater and Pour la Victoire pumps!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Running away or running towards?

[EN]   I hear very often the phrase "you're running away from your life, your responsibilities, you're running away from you... " but that's not true, in fact I am running towards something new, something less demanding. I need something simple.
    I miss the feeling that I used to have when I was a little girl back home. No matter what, I knew I was safe, nothing wrong could happen. Now I have to take care of myself and when things go wrong I have no one else to turn to, no one to go for protection and it's so damn exhausting to always be in charge. Sometimes I still need the urge to do something completely wrong and not suffering the consequences, just do it and then go back to dull reality.
    So, don't forget being a child, life is much easier and you never have to face any of your action's consequences.   You're just having fun!  

I was wearing Zara shirt, Asos shorts and custom made boots!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blue jeans, dark blue jeans

[EN]  Let me introduce to you my favorite pair of jeans. I think that you can not go wrong with a dark blue pair of jeans. You  can wear it whit absolutely anything and always look stylish or elegant . I wear them with white t-shirts and sneakers, white shirts and stilettos, boots and cardigans silk top and sandals. I am absolutely sure you can't go wrong whit it.

    Now moving forward let me tell you that I am very upset these days  because i was looking for my fur tail collars and I found that they are ruined, destroyed... I don't know what happened during these last couple of months but now they are moulting. Its hair everywhere. I have them for years and it's the first time this is happening. One of them it used to be my grandmother's and now... now it's gone.

   I am so upset...

I was wearing Zara jeans and shirt, random sweater and vest, custom made boots and Musette bag!

[RO] Vreau sa va prezint perechea mea preferata de blugi. Mie o pereche de blugi indigo imi sunt indispensabili. Consider ca nu ai cum sa dai gres cu o astfe de pereche. Orice tinuta la care pui o astfel de pereche de blugi va fi stilata, elegenta si cool.
Eu ii port cu un tricou basic alb si tenisi, cu o camasa alba si pantofi stiletto, cu un cardigan si boganci, sau cu bluze de matase si sandale. Sunt destul de sigura ca nu ai cum sa dai gres cu ei, dar nu uitati, nu trebuie sa fie prespalati, tociti, taiati, cu tinte sau paiete sau mai stiu eu ce nebunii mai puteti gasi prin magazine.

Intr-o alta ordine de idei  va spun ca sunt foarte, foarte suparata. Am constatat ca gulerele mele de blana sunt compromise. Le port de cateva ierni, unul dintre ele chiar a apartinut bunicii mele dar din nu stiu ce cauza anul acesta, cand le-am scos de unde le ascunsesem, am obesrvat ca tot parul din ele cade, curge, la cea mai mica miscare sau adiere un nor de par din guler si-a luat zborul...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


[EN]  I had a pretty intense weekend, a lot of activities. I am trying something new for my blog but util I have more dots linked I prefer to keep it  low profile.  

I hope you like this skirt. First I saw this material and I knew I'll want to wear it but I wasn't sure how. So in the end I thought of an asymmetric skirt. It is my first asymmetric garnet.

This dress is out for sale on my Blog Sale tab. Check it out for more details.

Fusta este de vanzare aici!

I was wearing designed by me skirt, Mexx blouse, Miss Sixty boots and Mango belt!

 [RO]  Eu am avut parte de un weekend destul de agitat. In ultima perioada ma zbat sa-mi mai rup cateva ore si pentru blog. Nu-mi place ca trebuie sa neglijez exact ce-mi face placere mai mult, dar din pacate Universul ne-a dat doar 24 de ore intr-o zi, iar Revolutia doar 2 zile libere pe saptamana :).

Lucrez din greu (din cauza ca nu am timpul necesar de alocat) la un proiect pentru blog. Sper ca dupa ce se va contura sa semene cu ceea ce-mi imaginez, insa despre asta mai tarziu.

Pana atunci va las cu aceste fotografii in care port o fusta pe care am conceput-o plecand de la materialul acesta care mi-a placut foarte, foarte mult. L-am luat acasa, dupa  care am inceput sa ma intreb cum ar fi mai bine sa-l port si asa am ajuns la aceasta fusta asimetrica.

Fusta o gasiti de vanzare pe Blog Sale! Mai multe detalii legate de marime si pret gasiti acolo.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


[EN] I don't have much to say these days... I am just waiting for the weekend, I really need a break, I need to see the sun light. Until then I let you with another colorful autumn outfit, I hope you like it!

I was wearing Wrangler skirt and boots, Zara blouse, and trifted coat! 

[RO] Nu am multe de spus zilele astea, doar ca astept sa vina weekendul sa pot sa mai vad si eu lumina zilei :). Plec si ma intorc de la serviciu pe intuneric si devine destul de deprimant... Trebuie sa sintetizez ceva vitamina D la lumina naturala a zilei ...

Pana atunci va las cu cateva poze facute intr-o minunata zi de toamna insorita si calduroasa!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

A golden touch!

[EN]  I've been deserted... by my dearest friend Klau. I usualy refer to her as my blog photographer.

A few days ago she told me she will not be able to attend our weekly meeting and I sad no worries, we'll be fine. So I set the meeting just for me and Miha from Color Your Life, thinking it's not that difficult to take a few shoots for the blog. Guess again! We struggled for almost 2 hours to take a few decent shots and we haven't really succeed. You'll find below some of what it's almost good enough to upload on my blog.

Klau don't you ever leave us again, we can't leave without you !
                                                                                            Sma and Miha 

I was wearing Mango dress, Zara trench coat and Furla bag!

Can't stop listening to this song 

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