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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Lying makes me happy

[EN]  I've asked somebody the other day what makes him happy and he told me the truth makes him happy. I wasn't expecting that answer, but that made me realize that the only times that I was happy was when I was lying to somebody...

      To be honest I don't like facing the consequences of my actions because by doing something that I really want I end up disappointing or hurting someone close   (remember the time that you were a teenager and you really, really want to go to the disco but your parents won't allow you to? Well, instead of obeying I was pretending to go to bed and after a few hours i was climbing down my bedroom window to go out and meet my friends ).

     I always thought if you can spare someone of rage, jealousy, disappointment and other similar feelings and still be able to do whatever makes you happy, just do it. This is not called "lying" it is called "protecting".

    From another point of view I think that if you are a sincere person and you speak your mind every time, you are very selfish , expecting people to deal with your mistakes, problems, worries. I always try to protect the people I care about by don't letting know about my problems .

I was wearing Zara coat and pants, random necksweater and Pour la Victoire pumps!


  1. I find your style very inspiring! xoxo

  2. You look awesome!! If lying makes you happy than lie, but be careful!:) Imi plac lantul si bluza ta maxim!:)


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