The Street: October 2013


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Spooky Haloween

[EN] Spooky Halloween! Do you have plans for tonight 'cause I sure do! I plan to scare the crap out of everyone who won't treat me.

I have found these old photos from a photoshoot whit costumes borrowed from the Opera wardrobe, and some of mine. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did playing that role .

I wish you all a scary night and lot's of nightmares!

Mwaaa ha ha ha !

Thursday, October 24, 2013


[EN] We are enjoying a few beautiful autumn days here in Timisoara. It is so pity that it will all come to an end and we are heading to sunless depressing days.

Everything is going great in my life, except two things. I'm not going to mention the first one, but I really need a vacation... I would be very happy with at least a couple of days somewhere, anywhere...  Will see ... If only I'll manage to convince my daughter to accept someone else around here except me for one weekend.

Until then I am enjoying this beautiful fall wearing pastels and skirts, eating icecream and having long walks around town.

I was wearing Zara clothes and Why Denis shoes!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Actors on a stage...

[EN] Sometimes you admire people for what you think they are, having absolutely no idea about who they are. Take for example the public figures, actors, singers, artists, famous people... They are all acting in front of you or the camera's in the end, but you could only say that you know them if you're living with them or... spying on them with a hidden camera :).

    If you are an actor you have to do thing on stage that you probably won't do in your real life (like walking naked on streets), but then how can a person be so different in different circumstances .

    I for example play different roles in my life, my colleagues from work will tell you one thing about me, my family will tell you another, my teachers will tell you something different and my friend will tell you much more. But in the end who are you?

    I'll tell you that you are whatever you want to be, just find the strength inside you to dare something different and loose your inhibitions (but please don't louse the common sense and always be polite to others).

I was wearing H&M sweater, random jeans and custom made boots   !

[RO]  Cateodata se intampla da admiri omenii pentru ceea ce crezi tu ca sunt, nu pentru ceea ce sunt defapt.
Cum poti face diferenta intre rolul pe care un actor il joaca pe scena sau in viata?

Cum poti sa fii sigur ca stii ce fel de om este colegul de la serviciu sau profesorul de la catedra? Pana la urma nu jucam toti roluri in functie de circumstantele in care ne aflam sau anturajul in care ne invartim?

    Eu cel putin m-as plictisi foarte tare daca nu m-as juca in fiecare zi interpretand diferite roluri in functie de persoanele cu care interactionez, situatiile care se ivesc, hainele pe care le port si locurile in care ma duc.

    Si atunci, pe cat de sensibila sau inhibata pot fii (sau doar perceputa) intr-o zi pe atat de agresiva si curajoasa pot fi in alta...

   Pana la urma suntem cine vrem sa fim cand vrem sa fim, altfel mi s-ar parea totul fara rost si ar fi prea plictisitor pentru cum percep eu rostul oamenilor pe Pamant.

    Nu-mi place sa am oameni langa mine despre care sa pot spune "Este un om rau/invidios/mincinos/fricos/marinimos/iertator/imatur/serios/pternic...." si atat! Inteleg ca pana la urma avem trasaturi caracteristice, dar asta sa fie tot? Nu, sigur trebuie sa fie oameni complecsi, pe care ii descoperi in fiecare zi mai mult si pe care nu ajungi niciodata sa-i caracterizezi in 2,3 propozitii.

P.S. Hainutele din fotografii le gasiti de vanzare AICI!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cozy outfit!

[EN] This a sweater/dress perfect for this weather. The only problem whit it is that I don't know where to wear it. I can't wear it to the office, I can't wear it to the movies, or when I meet my friends, or going shopping, actually I can't wear it   anywhere that is inside. And since I rarely go out for walks I only had a chance to wear it for two photoshoots (first one was in December last year).

[RO] Inca o rochie/pulover pe care m-am hotarat sa-o vand.   Imi place foarte mult culoarea, textura si faptul ca poate fi purtata atat ca rochie cat si ca pulover, dar din pacate avand in vedere ca nu-mi petrec prea mult timp in aer liber nu am cand s-o port.

    Decat s-o tin ascunsa inca un an cred ca ar fi mai bine daca cineva i-ar face cinstea cuvenita si ar scoate-o la plimbare mai des.

   In schimb cizmele au o alta poveste... Le-am comandat de pe internet si am constatat ca nu prea imi sunt bune, imi sunt putin mici. :) M-am chinuit eu de vreo 2 ori in ele pana am simtit ca-mi amortesc picioarele (things I do for fashion) dar nu cred ca ar fi cinstit nici pentru picioarele mele, care cred ca merita mai mult, nici pentru cizme care sunt foarte frumoase - nici ele nu merita sa fie uitate intr-o cutie in dressing.

Preturile pentru cizme si rochie le gasiti AICI!

I was wearing Zara dress and Forever 21 boots!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

I love it, I don't love it anymore

[EN] Last weekend I decided I am going to let go to some of my clothes.

     So this is a "Blog Sale" Post and several will follow.

[RO] Weekend-ul trecut m-am decis ca este momentul sa renunt la cateva dintre hainutele mele. Am luat aceasta decizie din urmatoarele motive: in unul din cazuri, anul acesta mi-am cumparat un cardigan asemanator cu cel de mai jos (pur si simplu am uitat ca mai am unul), in alt caz mi-am cumparat ba o marime prea mare, ba prea mica si nu am putut sa le port, in alte cazuri nu am purtat hainele pentru ca nu am avut ocazia si mi-am dat seama ca in fiecare sezon le plimb dintr-un dulap intr-altul, etc.

    Asa ca astazi incep "Blog Sale"-ul de Toamna cu un Cardigan Mango, care este foarte potrivit pentru vremea aceasta  cat si pentru inceputul de primavara. Eu m-am bucurat o vreme de el si imi place foarte mult, e foarte confortabil, dar anul acesta, spre rusinea mea, am uitat de el si mi-am luat un cardigan asemanator, asa ca am hotarat ca este momentul sa ma despasrt de el.

    De asemenea, si colierul purtat in poze este de vanzare, preturile le veti gasi la sectiune Blog Sale!

Nu uitati de sectiune Blog Sale, alte produse va asteapta acolo!

I was wearing Mango cardigan, Wrangler skirt and boots, H&M socks, Zara blouse and Musette bag!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Don't look back...

[EN] This is a special blog post first of all because these are special photos. Was the first time this year when I thought "2013 is almost over, another year past". But it was the first time when I can certainly say that I have accomplished a lot this time for one year and it is time to let things go, breathe in and enjoy what has left.

    One of the things that I hated about me was that I didn't like confrontations and I often got frustrated because I always end up doing what other asked of me instead doing, or better said, saying what I wanted to say. I know that sometimes this is what we have to do and it is very polite and politically correct, but if you have to do this twice or three times (at least) a week, is not very healthy.

    So for now on I am just me. Like it or not, no more  compromises. I get mad very hard but when it happens I almost never get over it so I don't want to play any more, no more games, let's all act like adults (you are not 50 going 15).

I was wearing Zara knitwear, Stradivarius shorts, Il Passo booties and random hat!

Thank you KK Photography for these beautiful pictures!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

"Back to school!"

[EN]  Today I am ironic, or maybe not, because if you pay attention to what teenager girls wear today to school you'll find my title appropriate for this post.  

    I really don't remember how this skirt end up in my wardrobe, but I know I have it for years, maybe 7 or eight, and I only took it out twice (once for a night out in the club and once for this photoshoot ) . I also know that it is not very appropriate for my age or actually for anybody's age, but it is very playful and fun.

    So it is time to say goodbye to it. I am tacking it out for sale on my blog, and if nobody will find it   absolutely necessary as I did a few years ago I'll be feeling very sad.

I was wearing Zara sweater, Mango socks and bag, Meli  Melo hat, custom made booties and skirt from a local store! 

Fusta este de vanzare!

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