The Street: Chilly summer morning

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chilly summer morning

Hello guys!
  I smell autumn outside…. Could it be the yellow leafs, the rain, the cloudy sky or the low temperature?
Hmmm, maybe all together!
    Is it time to say “Good bye summer?”  I hope so… I don’t like summer, it feels like time stands still.
     Now let me present you the outfit for the day!

Thank God for wearing my ankle boots in the middle of summer for a photo-shoot, because now I have what to post! I suggest you a clean look for a bussy day at the office, or for an afternoon coffee on a coffee house! (That is what I’m going to do!)

I was wearing a gray Mango dress, custom made ankle boots, Accessorize scarf, and Zara bag!


  1. very stylish,and also your type of outfit:) welcome autumn ,one of my favorite seasons :)

  2. Summer is too hot, but autumn isn't my season either, I get too sad because all of the changes in nature.
    Nice outfit for an early fall afternoon!


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