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Friday, August 31, 2012

It's a new day!

Good morning everyone!

     I just love the weather outside, I can get out of the house for a walk downtown, or for a run or anything…
  Yesterday I bought some magazines because I was planning for today an afternoon in the park with some glossy magazines and a coffee to go! I just have to choose the park but mainly I was thinking about dendrological Park, Bazosu Nou or Central Park, here in Timisorara. I’ll see…
   For this evening I’ve planned “a night at the opera”, or better said opera in the park, The Roses Park, Der Zigeunerbaron by Johann Strauss!

Hope to see you there!

P.S. I was wearing HLN blouse, H&M skirt, custom made ankle boots!

Thank you K.K.!

Parcul Dendrologic, Bazosul Nou

Parcul Rozelor, Timisoara

Parcul Central, Timisoara


  1. super cool outfit,and in my opinion without the glasses you can go like that to opera...he he he if you don't mind I'll join you tonight maybe....

    1. Ar fi super, dar, din pacate, nu pot sa stau decat un act

  2. cu placere si distractie deseara ;)

  3. Ce mai treabă bună faceți voi aici! :) Sunt invidios. KK, vezi pe unde-ți lași tunul ăla, să nu mă nimeresc prin preajmă...


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