The Street: September 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Godmother

Hello everybody!
      The day has come to ask for your help :) ! Starting today, until 12th of October  you will find on the right side of the page a questionnaire!

      Next month I am going to play a very important role at a ceremony, I am going to be the Godmother of a very special, beautiful, little girl, so I have to look my best! I am very excited and that is why I cannot decide for myself, so I am asking for your help! 

     Please participate at the poll and help me decide!
      For the first look I am wearing  a light pink silk top from Zara, H&M  pink brocade pants with a gold pattern , and light pink varnished leather shoes from Denis Shoes!

      For the second one, you will find me wearing a very beautiful vintage dress. A combination between  a brocade top and a silk skirt! Unfortunately that pair of boots were the only shoes that I could accessorize this dress with in that moment, but that is not how I am going to wear that dress!

      So… that being said, I am going to let you with some pictures and after that please do not forget to vote your favorite look! Remember: this poll will end on 12th of October!

* Chestionarul unde puteti vota se afla in partea din dreapta a paginii, sub poza de profil! Are 2 variante de raspuns, prima varianta "A", se refera la prima tinuta, iar varianta "B" la cea de-a doua tinuta! Votati! Va multumesc! :) *

P.S. I want to thank  Swiss House Club for letting us use this elegant venue for this photo-shoot!

This was the firs look! vote "A" if you prefer it!

This was the second look! Vote "B" if this is your favorite!

Do not forget to vote!

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Special thanks


     How are you doing today?

    This post is going to be about my friend, Klaudia! She is the one behind the camera in most of the cases! She is a young and talented photographer who’s trying to make a career from her passion!

      Even though she has not that much experience  you can see from her work that she is very talented and very punctual… You do not have to wait forever for your photographs!

     Please check out her gallery on Deviant art or her Facebook profile!

     Do not hesitate to contact her for any kind of event or if you just want a photoshoot for yourself or as a present for your friends!

    Thank you very much for everything KK!

Here are some shots of her so you all get to know the girl behind the camera!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rainy day


     Today is a very rainy day, actually I think is the first real autumn day! I cannot wait to go out for a walk this afternoon !

     I finally get to wear my boots and mingle into the crowd… hmmm I have a question: Why can’t I wear my ankle boots with shorts or a dress at the end of summer but  people get unpunished when wearing very ugly and unrefined dresses and hairdos at weddings especially? I promise you to discuss this topic on another post, but now lets get back to our rainy day.

      If you like autumn, like I do, this is a very nice day for a walk in the park, or for going out for a piece of cake and if you feel lazy just stay home and listen to the rain and read a nice story or watch a movie… I guess I could do that too!

    Until next time please think about my question!

    Have a nice weekend!


P.S. I was wearing Zara pants and sweater, custom made boots and Roberta Gandolfi bag!

Remembering the days...

Friday, September 14, 2012

Same dress, different times!

Hello guys!
    This weekend I will be busy preparing  a new material for this blog! Until then let me present to you a comfortable, cozy  outfit for a pleasant walk for ice-cream or cappuccino in this season !

      As you may know  those shoes are one of my favorite and also this dress! Last autumn I wore this dress so many times that I almost forgot about my entire wardrobe!

      I think everybody has some items in their wardrobe that are worn every day for a period of time,  especially if they are new!
      This is not what happened to this dress! I bought it last spring from Paris, on my last day there, and I did not have that much time to deliberate in the dressing room, if it is a “Yes” or a “No”, I just bought it!
    When I got home and try it on again, I realized that I looked like a giant potato in it… But the autumn had come, and I had gained some  weight… since I already looked like a giant I said “Why not to be a giant potato”, so I took the dress, and a pair of high heel boots  and that is what I wore almost the entire autumn!

    Hope you like it to!

    Have a nice day!

I am wearing Mango jacket, Gap dress, Meli Melo scarf, vintage bag and custom made shoes!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"In da' club"

Hey you!

     Let me tell you about clubbing in Timisoara!

      You do not have to spend hours dressing up, money at the hairdresser, wearing uncomfortable high heels for a night at the club, feeling the bit and dancing all night long because only here in Timisoara, the club is coming to your home!

     If is Friday or Saturday night, or better said morning, between 2:00 A.M. and 4:00A.M., my bedroom is the hottest club around. My apartment is situated 2 or 3 kilometers from a very loud club, and every weekend night I cannot sleep because  of the noise! The music is so loud that nobody can get no sleep! I was talking about this with my neighbor and she said that she called the police but they cannot do anything about this! They have like 20, 30 complains per night but beside writing a ticket for disturbing the peace there is nothing else to do! Hmmm… I’m not really biting that, but what to do?

      Anyway, since there’s nothing I can do about that I try to enjoy the party so let me share with you one of this summer hits and my favorite: Casablanca, Low Deep T

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pink attitude!

Hello, hello!
   How are you doing? I had a very busy week, planning a lot of things!
     I was thinking, as time passed by, and I am talking about years passing by , that you need a lot of good spirit or positive attitude or as I say pink attitude, to get over every bad thing or disappointment you had in your life!

     If you are not ready to live alone on a wild beach or in a big city as New York, Hong Kong or Tokyo surrounded  by millions but no one close to you, you have to think pink. If this is hard to do then wear a little bit of pink to remind you to stay positive.
     Actually I am not a very big fan of pink garments but somehow I ended up with quite a  few in my wardrobe!

    P.S.: At the end of my post you will find a very nice video with one of my favorite song for when I am feeling blue!


I was wearing Mango top and jacket, vintage skirt, Accessorize scarf, custom ankle boots, and a lovely bag! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A little bit of pink

      Yesterday my husband took me out for dinner to celebrate our anniversary to a really nice restaurant!
Since it wasn't a fancy dinner, the restaurant was situated in the Dendrological  Park in Bazosu Nou and outside there were 30 degrees Celsius,  I wore my everyday denim  shorts with a pink silk top!
     The food was delicious but we had a really big problem with the mosquitoes! I think they were suicidal mosquitoes because  they weren’t afraid of anything . I guess theirs slogan was “Suck until death!”
     I wore my favorite bag. It is a pink leather bag with a metallic luster which was a gift from my mother. Actually it wasn’t a gift, it was hers, but  since the moment I lay eyes on it a knew it was going to be mine… and I took it.

Facts:  Did you know that none of my bags, handbags, purses, clutch bags were bought by me?

Good night everybody!

 I was wearing Zara top and  shorts and Stradivarius sandals.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Déjà vu

Good morning!

     I want to present you another interpretation of a blouse you’ve seen earlier! This is a more casual look! Before these photos were taken I think I never wore this blouse in public even though I have it for 6 or 7 years.
      Yesterday I went for a shopping spree, to check out the new collections  and I was also looking for a bag but I end up with some stuff for my husband and a pretty dress for my niece! Maybe I’ll have  more luck next weekend!
      Now I let you with Miha, as I already told you, she’s wearing my HLN top, Stradivarius sandals, vintage handbag and her flowered jeans also from Stradivarius I think

     Have a nice day

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