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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pink attitude!

Hello, hello!
   How are you doing? I had a very busy week, planning a lot of things!
     I was thinking, as time passed by, and I am talking about years passing by , that you need a lot of good spirit or positive attitude or as I say pink attitude, to get over every bad thing or disappointment you had in your life!

     If you are not ready to live alone on a wild beach or in a big city as New York, Hong Kong or Tokyo surrounded  by millions but no one close to you, you have to think pink. If this is hard to do then wear a little bit of pink to remind you to stay positive.
     Actually I am not a very big fan of pink garments but somehow I ended up with quite a  few in my wardrobe!

    P.S.: At the end of my post you will find a very nice video with one of my favorite song for when I am feeling blue!


I was wearing Mango top and jacket, vintage skirt, Accessorize scarf, custom ankle boots, and a lovely bag! 


  1. I wish it was that easy, but I'll give it a try...

  2. ..And here's a joyful song that I love to listen to cheer myself up :)


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