The Street: A little bit of pink

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A little bit of pink

      Yesterday my husband took me out for dinner to celebrate our anniversary to a really nice restaurant!
Since it wasn't a fancy dinner, the restaurant was situated in the Dendrological  Park in Bazosu Nou and outside there were 30 degrees Celsius,  I wore my everyday denim  shorts with a pink silk top!
     The food was delicious but we had a really big problem with the mosquitoes! I think they were suicidal mosquitoes because  they weren’t afraid of anything . I guess theirs slogan was “Suck until death!”
     I wore my favorite bag. It is a pink leather bag with a metallic luster which was a gift from my mother. Actually it wasn’t a gift, it was hers, but  since the moment I lay eyes on it a knew it was going to be mine… and I took it.

Facts:  Did you know that none of my bags, handbags, purses, clutch bags were bought by me?

Good night everybody!

 I was wearing Zara top and  shorts and Stradivarius sandals.


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