The Street: Stories told by tattoos

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Stories told by tattoos


      Tattoos, why people make them, why they want to wear them for the rest of their lives, what is their significance and so on. I know a lot of people who have them, several of my friends among them. Let's ask one of them: Miha, please tell us about your tattoos, how many do you have and what is their meaning?
     My favorite one is a little silly girl on her wrist, but there are more, like the stars on her nape, a dolphin on her lumbar and the one you can see bellow.
     I like tattoos, I like to see them but I wouldn't wear one. I always thought I might get bored and then what? And what if they don’t go with my outfit? Then what?
     Now let’s talk about Miha's outfit, I like the country girl look on her even though she doesn’t think so. There is no point for me in telling what brands she’s wearing because I told you before only she knows where she buys those items from.


Thank you, Miha!


  1. Ah, in sfirsit un blog Altfel! Bravo! :) Sa nu te lasi dupa 6 postari, ci sa mergi mai departe!

    1. Ceau ceau! Ma bucur sa te vad pe aici, nu stiu daca intra in aria ta de interese subiectele de pe blogul meu, dar mi-ar placea sa stiu ca mai arunci cate un ochi!

  2. I made my tattoos because all of them have a story,thinks that define me or things that are very important for me ..I think these are the reasons why people make tattoos,or maybe to be more different..Dunno for sure :)
    I think that my outfits will always fit with my tattoos,because this is how i'm :D About my outfit,i'll keep it secret..i can say only that i don't spend a lot of money on clothes :)

  3. That's why I love Mihaela's tattoos too, because as she said, they all mean something.

  4. :) Există totuși un prag de la care (în sus) tatuajele devin excesive. Nu vorbesc de MMM, că nu știu câte poartă. :) Părerea mea e că mai trebuie lăsată și piele „virgină” vederii. Fiecare simte care îi este limita.


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