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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lovely shoes

Good evening guys,

     I just came back from a party, actually it was not so much a party as a get-together!

We celebrate a friend’s birthday in a garden, so I thought it would be a nice touch to wear my new custom shoes!  I love them so much… they are so cool and comfy, and they fit perfect to this kind of weather! They are brown suede with green leather heel and strap.
I had a hard time introducing them to my husband. I bought them a while ago and wore them around the apartment, while I was alone, every day until I realize I can’t take them out for a walk because I can’t explain them to my husband so I had no other choice then to come clean.( I will tell  you more about this some other time.)

I am going to bed now, so good night everybody! 


  1. Nice shoes :D and I really like the bag, too.

  2. You are right they are really lovely shoes!!


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