The Street: "In da' club"

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"In da' club"

Hey you!

     Let me tell you about clubbing in Timisoara!

      You do not have to spend hours dressing up, money at the hairdresser, wearing uncomfortable high heels for a night at the club, feeling the bit and dancing all night long because only here in Timisoara, the club is coming to your home!

     If is Friday or Saturday night, or better said morning, between 2:00 A.M. and 4:00A.M., my bedroom is the hottest club around. My apartment is situated 2 or 3 kilometers from a very loud club, and every weekend night I cannot sleep because  of the noise! The music is so loud that nobody can get no sleep! I was talking about this with my neighbor and she said that she called the police but they cannot do anything about this! They have like 20, 30 complains per night but beside writing a ticket for disturbing the peace there is nothing else to do! Hmmm… I’m not really biting that, but what to do?

      Anyway, since there’s nothing I can do about that I try to enjoy the party so let me share with you one of this summer hits and my favorite: Casablanca, Low Deep T


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