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Monday, September 24, 2012

Special thanks


     How are you doing today?

    This post is going to be about my friend, Klaudia! She is the one behind the camera in most of the cases! She is a young and talented photographer who’s trying to make a career from her passion!

      Even though she has not that much experience  you can see from her work that she is very talented and very punctual… You do not have to wait forever for your photographs!

     Please check out her gallery on Deviant art or her Facebook profile!

     Do not hesitate to contact her for any kind of event or if you just want a photoshoot for yourself or as a present for your friends!

    Thank you very much for everything KK!

Here are some shots of her so you all get to know the girl behind the camera!


  1. sexy Klaudia!!foarte pucntuala si un fotograf minunat:)

  2. looking very lovely in that dress:) I'm following you. If you want, you can follow me back!

    1. That is not me, that is my friend Klaudia who takes my photos for this blog!


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