The Street: Same dress, different times!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Same dress, different times!

Hello guys!
    This weekend I will be busy preparing  a new material for this blog! Until then let me present to you a comfortable, cozy  outfit for a pleasant walk for ice-cream or cappuccino in this season !

      As you may know  those shoes are one of my favorite and also this dress! Last autumn I wore this dress so many times that I almost forgot about my entire wardrobe!

      I think everybody has some items in their wardrobe that are worn every day for a period of time,  especially if they are new!
      This is not what happened to this dress! I bought it last spring from Paris, on my last day there, and I did not have that much time to deliberate in the dressing room, if it is a “Yes” or a “No”, I just bought it!
    When I got home and try it on again, I realized that I looked like a giant potato in it… But the autumn had come, and I had gained some  weight… since I already looked like a giant I said “Why not to be a giant potato”, so I took the dress, and a pair of high heel boots  and that is what I wore almost the entire autumn!

    Hope you like it to!

    Have a nice day!

I am wearing Mango jacket, Gap dress, Meli Melo scarf, vintage bag and custom made shoes!


  1. I love potatoes, especially this one!

  2. Nice outfit,and i love the shoes,i just love them:)


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