The Street: Running away or running towards?

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Running away or running towards?

[EN]   I hear very often the phrase "you're running away from your life, your responsibilities, you're running away from you... " but that's not true, in fact I am running towards something new, something less demanding. I need something simple.
    I miss the feeling that I used to have when I was a little girl back home. No matter what, I knew I was safe, nothing wrong could happen. Now I have to take care of myself and when things go wrong I have no one else to turn to, no one to go for protection and it's so damn exhausting to always be in charge. Sometimes I still need the urge to do something completely wrong and not suffering the consequences, just do it and then go back to dull reality.
    So, don't forget being a child, life is much easier and you never have to face any of your action's consequences.   You're just having fun!  

I was wearing Zara shirt, Asos shorts and custom made boots!


  1. If that could be so easy like you wrote ...It hard to still be a child when you are all grownup. But indeed be can run toward something new, not from something old. Great outfit!:)

    1. It is simple, just do it, don't ask for anyone's permission! See you soon sexy granny ;)

    2. =))) Hope you say this to me when I'll be a granny for real;)

  2. stunning! xoxo

  3. Your pictures are beautiful! Which camera are you using!

    Would you like to follow eachother?
    Please let me know ;-)

  4. Eu sunt pe direcția "running towards" și din acest motiv recunosc că uneori uit să savurez prezentul. Și este un lucru grav, dar pe care încerc să-l îndrept cât de mult pot.
    Îmi place stilul fotografiilor. Ești jovială și arăți excelent, dragă Smaranda.

  5. Imi place mult tinuta asta colorata si pozele in care esti zambitoare! Ai reusit sa ma binedispui!

  6. Ce frumoasa combinatie!! Imi place mult jocul de culori si imprimeuri, dar si buna dispozitie pe care o emani ;)


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