The Street: Shhh baby, don't cry...

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Shhh baby, don't cry...

[EN] The most powerful feeling is love, but we are not going to discuss about this today. We are going to discuss about the most self destructive feeling, the lost of hope. The way   you feel when you have lost your hope. It can damage you for good  if you are weak.

     My personal opinion is that you lose hope when you lose your willing to carry on, to live. If you are waiting for tomorrow to come you sure will think of something to make things better for you and to search for hope. And if you find yourself hopeless, just wait for better days... don't get desperate, don't get depressed... things will ALWAYS get better, and worst after that.

     Go take a long hot bath and go to sleep. You'll wake up tomorrow or next year feeling better!

P.S. Cizmele sunt de vanzare AICI!

I was wearing Mango sweater, Amisu shorts and Forever 21 boots!


  1. Replies
    1. Multumesc, asa m-am bucurat cand am vazut unul in sfarsit accesibil

  2. I love the sweater you were wearing! :)
    I also think that one should never give up on finding hope.

  3. Ce bine iti sta cu parul aranjat asa!!
    Iti doresc ca anul 2014 sa fie unul plin de realizari!

  4. I love love love this outfit. I find your very jolly and happy. And never lose hope that is what makes me live.


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