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Monday, October 7, 2013

Don't look back...

[EN] This is a special blog post first of all because these are special photos. Was the first time this year when I thought "2013 is almost over, another year past". But it was the first time when I can certainly say that I have accomplished a lot this time for one year and it is time to let things go, breathe in and enjoy what has left.

    One of the things that I hated about me was that I didn't like confrontations and I often got frustrated because I always end up doing what other asked of me instead doing, or better said, saying what I wanted to say. I know that sometimes this is what we have to do and it is very polite and politically correct, but if you have to do this twice or three times (at least) a week, is not very healthy.

    So for now on I am just me. Like it or not, no more  compromises. I get mad very hard but when it happens I almost never get over it so I don't want to play any more, no more games, let's all act like adults (you are not 50 going 15).

I was wearing Zara knitwear, Stradivarius shorts, Il Passo booties and random hat!

Thank you KK Photography for these beautiful pictures!


  1. Sunt superbe pozele!Iar tu arati foarte bine!!!

  2. tres chic my dear! xoxo

  3. This is great, the fact that now you are yourself. It takes courage, luck and a finish line to overstep. ;)

  4. Cat de frumoase sunt fotografiile! Ador palarioara :)


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