The Street: "Back to school!"

Thursday, October 3, 2013

"Back to school!"

[EN]  Today I am ironic, or maybe not, because if you pay attention to what teenager girls wear today to school you'll find my title appropriate for this post.  

    I really don't remember how this skirt end up in my wardrobe, but I know I have it for years, maybe 7 or eight, and I only took it out twice (once for a night out in the club and once for this photoshoot ) . I also know that it is not very appropriate for my age or actually for anybody's age, but it is very playful and fun.

    So it is time to say goodbye to it. I am tacking it out for sale on my blog, and if nobody will find it   absolutely necessary as I did a few years ago I'll be feeling very sad.

I was wearing Zara sweater, Mango socks and bag, Meli  Melo hat, custom made booties and skirt from a local store! 

Fusta este de vanzare!


  1. Hot&sexy! And indeed these days teenagers wear very short you are in trend don't worry!:)

    1. :)) If I wear the same thing a 17 year old would wear, don't you think I have a problem?

  2. that skirt is so sexy! I love the whole outfit

  3. Love ypur cap!

  4. you really have the legs to pull this skirt off :) very nice outfit
    following you now on gfc,maybe you want to do the same? :)


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