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Sunday, November 10, 2013

A golden touch!

[EN]  I've been deserted... by my dearest friend Klau. I usualy refer to her as my blog photographer.

A few days ago she told me she will not be able to attend our weekly meeting and I sad no worries, we'll be fine. So I set the meeting just for me and Miha from Color Your Life, thinking it's not that difficult to take a few shoots for the blog. Guess again! We struggled for almost 2 hours to take a few decent shots and we haven't really succeed. You'll find below some of what it's almost good enough to upload on my blog.

Klau don't you ever leave us again, we can't leave without you !
                                                                                            Sma and Miha 

I was wearing Mango dress, Zara trench coat and Furla bag!

Can't stop listening to this song 


  1. another stunning look! xoxo

  2. Mi-a placut mult costumatia ta. Si sa stii ca imi plac pozele nu sunt desigur ca ale Klaudiei, dar sunt acceptabile!:)

  3. Hey sma, your Mango dress is so pretty. You looking beautiful.
    I think Miha has done a good photography job here.. :)


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