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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy three little friends

[EN]   It was a hot summer afternoon when three little friends met after a long period of time. Each of them had stories to tell and one of them even something to celebrate. Another one was so bitter and angry with something but this behavior was very funny for the others because they weren't familiar with this side of this friend. Another friend, that was part of this gang, took the decision of making some changes in her life.
    But the funniest thing about this encounter was that at a particular time they all had the same problem regarding the same thing. It says that happy things bring together friends but sometime what makes them angry or said does too.

     Anyway, the best thing about all this is that you have friends, and even if you meet to celebrate happy things or to talk about said things you know you have people that care about you around!
    This is a happy post and a just wanted to let my friend know that I appreciate the fact that they are always there and willing to help no matter what. They never said "no" to me, and I want to let them know that I am aware of that.

So... Thank you guys!

     I was wearing Mango t-shirt, Zara shorts, Stradivarius sandals, handmade bag from a local boutique!

 There were three little pigs that in the end helped each other to defeat the bad wolf!

 (This is one of my friends, Miha! You can check out her blog here.)
Check out my other friend's blog here!
And to complete the list of friends who own a blog, check out here my other friend's blog.

Hmmm, I guess all of my friends have a blog, except one, Lavinia. So, Lavi, just want to say "Hi" and congratulate you for your achievements!


  1. Thank you, for making my day! You rarely say things like this, I mean how much you care!Anyway thank you very much for being how you are, and for being my friend no matter what !:) Lovely outfit,but this is nothing new...

  2. I was wondering why I had several views on my blog coming from your blog :)
    Thank you very much for including me in your list of friends, I really appreciate it >:D< Thanks for being a wonderful friend, too.

  3. loving your makeup in these pics! xoxo

  4. Îmi place lejeritatea combinaţiei, dar şi faptul că e atât de COOL. Sandalele mi se par o piesă de mare valoare.

  5. Blugii scurti sunt de anul asta de la Zara? Imi tot caut o pereche de genul asta dar nu am vazut nimic.

    1. Hey, blugii sunt din ceva colectie mai veche, de vreo 2, 3 ani! Si eu tot mai caut de atunci, si nu am mai gasit modelul asta.


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