The Street: When everything is grey...

Monday, January 6, 2014

When everything is grey...

[EN]  When everything is grey, things are complicated, you don't know what you really want, don't know who to trust, listen to this... take a step back and close your eyes for a few seconds. Remember you can not trust people just because they tell you things you want to hear. They are just lying ... don't you ever fall for that. And the funny thing is that you are vulnerable to this kind of people only when you are weak and you are going through a grey period of your life.  So remember always to wear something pink beneath all that black.

I was wearing Mango sweater, Zara dress wear as a skirt and custom made ankle boots!

[RO]  Cand lucrurile nu sunt foarte clar definite in viata ta, cand nu mai stii ce e bine si ce e rau pentru tine, cand nu mai stii ce sa crezi fa un pas in spate, in loc sa te arunci inainte, si inchide ochii pentru cateva clipe.
    Niciodata sa nu ai incredere in persoanele noi din viata ta. Increderea se castiga cu foarte multa munca si de aceea avem incredere doar in cateva persoane din viata noastra, pentru ca restul au demonstrat ca nu sunt dispusi sa depuna efortul  si sa dea dovada de implicarea necesara pentru a-ti castiga increderea si de a fi alaturi de tine multi, multi ani, indiferent de situatiile prin care treci de-a lungul timpului.
    Ca o regula generala, cel mai bine ar fii sa nu te bazezi niciodata pe nimeni. Tine-ti capul pe umeri si cauta intotdeauna sa faci ce e bine pentru tine astfel incat sa nu-i deranjezi foarte mult pe cei din jurul tau... dar niciodata sa nu crezi ca oamenii se inghesuie sa te ajute, sa te sprijine si sa-ti ofere confort si consolare. Maoritatea au propriile lor interese... si daca esti suficient de norocos sa gasesti pe cineva al carui scop in viata este sa-ti faca tie viata frumoasa, ori esti intr-un film ori traiesti in lumea ta perfecta si ar fi mai bine sa nu mai iesi niciodata de acolo.


  1. I like the conclusion of the post :) always wear something pink beneath that grey..always keep a little hope in your heart :D
    You look wonderful! Have a nice day!

  2. loving it! xoxo

  3. I love the last part. I think from now on pink will be my favorite color!:) Your look is lovely! I love the blouse. And you also have to wear something pink beneath that grey my dear friend!:* And trust people that you feel close all the time.

  4. I love every thing about this outfit. you look absolutely beautiful!


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