The Street: The 60's

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The 60's


     I am trying to catch up with my posts, so here is a new look! 

    This is a vintage skirt from the 60’s, and it is a party skirt or actually it is the bottom of a wedding  dress  or so I think… It is composed of several layers of tulle, linen and the final layer is tulle embroidered with pearls. It has a great volume and it looks great with boots and leather jacket, but this time I am going to present to you another way of wearing it. 

     I am wearing a strapless top with embroidery applied and a lot of pearls necklaces! This outfit it is just for fun, I don’t think that I would actually wear this ensemble anywhere, maybe to a theme party…  

      But if you do like these kind of skirts, I recommend you to wear it with leather, studs, boots, trying to pull out a rock&roll look or with denim shirts, or any kind of shirts, tops or blazers that will create contrast and bring this skirt up to date!

Pres here to see an old post of mine. I was wearing another tulle skirt, a pink one, remember? 
     Have a nice day!

I was wearing vintage skirt, random top and custom made boots!

Here are some extra interpretation, that I found on the Internet, of the tulle skirt that I like:

The firs one is not a tulle skirt, but you can easily  wear it like this:


  1. e superba tinuta ta! Ce fain ca ai fotograf care sa-ti faca poze! Ar trebui sa ne vedem odata sa mai stam de vorba daca tot suntem mamici stylish amandoua :)


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