The Street: The Fall Fairy!

Monday, November 12, 2012

The Fall Fairy!

Good morning gals!

      I am back from a short vacation so now I am ready for a new post!

      Since the fall has spoken, the leafs are  yellow or they aren't at all, the mornings are chilly and the clouds are rainy , there’s no way back… Winter is almost here! I can’t wait!

      Let me present to you a very versatile dress… or so I think! I wear this dress in summer time, spring or fall, I wear it as a dress as you can see beneath or as a blouse, with jeans. I think is so versatile and that is what I love about it, I can wear it any season and mix it a lot!
     I think this outfit is perfect for this weather ! Wear it with boots, ankle boots, high heel boots and so on, with jeans, leggings, hosiery and so on, and accessorize it a lot with hats, scarfs, collars… it is up to you!

      As you already know,  the Hairstylist is Eliza Pavel and the Makeup artist is Oxana Bocancea, both from Wish Studio Timisoara!

     You can find this beautiful view at Hotel Restaurant Stejarul, at Bazosul Now, near Timisoara!

     I wish you all a beautiful week!

I was wearing dress from Bershka and boots from a local boutique!

Thank you KK Photography!


  1. Love the outcome! One my favorite series so far :)

  2. The dress is beautiful and very versatile, it is great to add some color on a grey day. And the setting is amazing.

  3. me encanta el vestido!!

  4. Foarte frumoasa rochita, imi place intreg outfitul!
    Pupici Deea,


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