The Street: Wild beast!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wild beast!


      Lovely afternoon, isn't it?  I've just return from a very relaxing walk in the forest and lunch and I thought is time for a new post since I’ll be gone for the next week and I don’t think I’ll post something until I’ll be back!

      This is my favorite look these days! I wear those pants a lot and it seems that the Sun loves them too because it allows me to wear them by shinning all day every day, for the past five days! Keep it on dear Sun! J

      I think this look fits perfectly in to the set, I was feeling like a jaguar into the wild, hunting for prey or just a cappuccino!

      I've never been a fan of animal prints, but somehow I can’t see my life without these pants! (I hope you realize that this is a dramatization.)

     I think this is a perfect look for fall! The colors and textures are great!

     I have to mention Eliza Pavel and thanking her for my hairstyle, Oxana Bocancea for makeup, and Wish Studio Timisoara!

               I wish you all to have a nice week and don't forget to visit me on Facebook!

I was wearing Zara pants, Tommy Hilfiger shirt, old vest from a local boutique and custom made ankle boots!

Thank you KK Photography!


  1. I just discover your blog thanks to Chictopia and I really love it! Your style is amazing!
    Following you on GFC and Bloglovin!

    Kisses, Lucy!

    "Style Without Limits!":

    1. Thank you very much Lucy!I am very pleased to hear that!

  2. Love the look. Animal print is a must have!


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