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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Back in time


    How was your weekend? Mine was very busy! As I promised to some people, I came back with a surprise even for me! A new photo shooting, in a special location, with a special hairstyle and special makeup! This setting takes me back in time in 1930's or so...
     I had so much fun posing especially because everything was perfectly coming together!
This dress was designed by me and custom made especially for this shooting.... I had this location in mind for a long time, but unfortunately I didn't have anything to wear to match up this set! 
     Before I leave you with the pictures I have to say special thanks to a couple of lovely ladies, absolute professionals.

    Thank you very much Oxana for the make up, you made me look so beautiful!
    Thank you Eliza for the hair style, you sent me back in time! This hairstyle firs perfectly with my set!

    If you want to look as good as I did that day, or even better, ask for those girls at Wish Studio, and if you want to be able to do your own makeup as well as Oxana, go visit her Makeup School, "Lectii de Machiaj"!

    If you're looking for a cutting edge hairstyle, Wish Studio is the place you want to be. That will only go with a perfect makeup so make sure you book both Eliza and Oxana!

    Ladies, again, thanks so much! I'm looking forward working with you again!

     Special thanks to "Hotel Restaurant Stejarul" for hosting us and letting us use that special décor!

     Last but not least, thank you KK Photography for making all this come together!

    I was wearing custom made dress designed by me, cat’s tail and Manolo Blahnik sandals!


  1. Ok..!!All this fits you the best!!You look gorgeous!!You really took me in a trip,a very nice one!!!Love the hair,the make up,the dress,love you!!Great job did also Klau!!congrats to every one!!!


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