The Street: Black and White

Friday, October 12, 2012

Black and White


      Nice day, isn't it? It is almost weekend! This being said, I want to present to you a multifunctional outfit as I call it!

      This Wednesday started the new opera season!  This season started with “Faust”, music by Charles Gounod, libretto by Jules Barbier and Michel Carre! I bought my ticket a long time ago, but unfortunately I could not attend the premiere because I had a cold!

      I am going to suggest an outfit for those of you who are going to work every day, but would like after that to go straight to the opera or to the theater, for the shows that run during the week!

     This outfit is suitable both work and opera (only for the midweek shows, do not dress like this for a Saturday night at the opera)!

I was wearing Zara trousers, Zara shirt, Mango jacket and custom made booties! 

Thank you KK Photography

Faust - Waltz at the end of first Act

Have a nice weekend! Enjoy the waltz!


  1. fabulous!

  2. Beautiful blazer.

  3. Lovely outfit! I really like the blazer and the boots are to die for!!
    Kisses Deea,


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