The Street: "The blue jeans" trilogy, Part II

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"The blue jeans" trilogy, Part II

Good morning girls!

     Today is going to be a very busy day for me, that is why I am posting this so early!
     So… where were we ?  The jeans trilogy!

     Part II

     This is a more romantic look due to the burgundy velvet vest and the bohemian hat! These days, this hat is one of my favorite accessories and I wear it a lot! The flats are a combination between suede and patent leather and they are so comfortable!

      As you can see, these photos aren't by KK Photography! They were taken by my husband with his iPhone so please be indulgent when criticizing.

      I wore this outfit the same day as when I wore the outfit that was presented to you yesterday but this time it was late in the afternoon and the sun wasn't warming us anymore!

    Have a nice day!

     I was wearing Massimo Dutti jeans, Tommy Hilfiger shirt, flats from a local boutique, the vest and hat are no brand!

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