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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Daddy's little girl

Hello girls!

      How are you today? Me? I am baking a pumpkin pie! Actually I am done now! Let me tell you that it looks delicious! Yummy !

      So… back to business! Today I want to talk about fathers! Fathers make the best presents! I don’t  know about your fathers, but mine certainly does! This dress was a gift from him and it is also my favorite  from my entire wardrobe! It is so fun to be daddy’s little girl! I wore this dress a lot at parties, weddings, ballet shows, to the opera…  Now it doesn't fit me as well as last year, but I’m working on it (make abstraction of my second sentence from the post)!

      I am sure that this dress  is going to have a special place in my closet for a very long time!

      I have to go now (this pie smells delicious)! Enjoy the pictures and don’t forget about The Street on Facebook!

I was wearing Zara dress and custom made booties!

Thank you KK Phoyography

For all of you who are daddy's little girls! 
Al Martino - Daddy's little girl


  1. you dad has good taste,mine not:))) very cool location and outfit,love also the song :)

  2. My favorite so far... Topic, that is. I like the dress, but wake me up, are you baking?? For real? Save me some but take some pictures first!

    1. :)) You do not want to see the pictures, you will spoil your appetite!


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