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Friday, October 26, 2012



     I just wanna wish you to have a nice weekend! Spend time with your friends and families, smile a lot and laugh with all your heart! Do things that you wanna do, but do not hurt anybody by doing them!
     Say "Please" and "Thank you" and do not get angry with anybody, especially your loved ones! Buy a bunch a flowers for yourself and another bunch to give to a friend or... me! (I love receiving flower especially this season!) Play with your child or your pet! Bake a pie or a bunch of muffins! (They were delicious sis!)

      ...And above all, enjoy the autumnal landscape (it won't last for long) and listen to your favorite music!
     Please try to do all of these this weekend!
     See you next week!

...and a little bit of music...

Alicia Keys - Girl on fire

I love this song!

Lady Gaga - You and I

This is also a special song for me, I hope you like it to!

Chris Brown  - Don't judge me

I am not a fan of Chris Brown, but this song it is actually nice.

Rihanna - Diamonds

If we had Chris Brown, there had to be Rihanna to!

Martin Gore - Shake the disease

This is by far my favorite!



  1. If only autumn would look just like in your pictures...

    Love the Alicia Keys song and Rihanna's Diamonds ;)

    1. It does! Take a look outside! Leave your job, get out and wonder the streets, be romantic! :))

  2. Please let me tell you how much I love you !
    Thank you.

  3. Martin Gore, lovely! Just remembered to buy tickets for the DM concert in May....


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