The Street: "The blue jeans" trilogy, Part III

Thursday, October 25, 2012

"The blue jeans" trilogy, Part III

Good morning!

     Brrr, is so cold outside! This is an truly autumn morning! It is cold, no sun, yellow leafs covering the ground and depressed faces on people waiting the bus to go to work!

     But for those who do not have reasons to be depressed it is going to be a nice day!
     Now let’s go back to our trilogy:

    Part III

    Sport casual! How to wear a classic white shirt and have an athletic look! This is how. I wore my Tommy Hilfiger shirt with blue jeans, a pair of sneakers and simple sport jacket!

    This week you saw how you can wear the same pair of blue jeans and the same shirt and have three different looks only by changing your shoes and jacket!

    I hope you liked this trilogy and the three outfits that I have presented!

    Have a nice day, see you next time!

I was wearing Massimo Dutti jeans, shirt and jacket Tommy Hilfiger and Lacoste sneakers!


  1. Nice job on editing your photographs ;)

    1. ... and this is coming from a pro! Thank you!


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